Connecting purpose to practice requires you to think deeply and then to act wisely and well.  First you must identify and clearly define your purpose as well as your non-negotiable beliefs and values.  With that core firmly in place you must then ask the practical questions such as What and How?  All of the services we provide are designed to respond to those questions in effective ways that will help you excel still more in pursuit of the purpose to which you have been called.


Our team can help equip you in the following areas:

Planning and Problem Solving

The planning/problem solving process we have developed at  TBG produces many benefits for the organization organization you lead because it . . .

  • Provides a consistent, objective framework for making present and future decisions
  • Identifies what is truly strategic
  • Allows for wise use of current and future resources
  • Assures your constituents and supporters that you are thinking and acting wisely.
  • Creates great levels of accountability both internally and externally
  • Provides a clear, but flexible roadmap into the future
  • Reduces the tendency of organizations to lurch reactively from one idea to another.

Leadership and Governance

Quality leaders and effective leadership teams are crucial to the ongoing success of any organization.   Through workshops and personal mentoring TBG will help encourage and equip a generation of leaders, leadership teams, and governing boards who will

  • Work to connect purpose to practice
  • Focus on continuous improvement of every person and aspect of the organization
  • Insist on integrity and excellence in every all area
  • Hold one another accountable for that excellence
  • Work to build trust within the organization
  • Anticipate the future without losing touch with today
  • Ensure that every part of the team make a maximum and appropriate contribution to the efforts of the whole

Funding and Resource Development

The cost of education has increased 400% since 1986 with no slow down in sight.  The impact on tuition has been significant but even with steep increases it isn’t enough to cover all of the costs necessary to providing a truly exceptional educational experience.  The effective funding and resource development strategy employed by TBG will

  • Provide you with a systematic approach to developing essential financial support for all aspects of a school or ministry’s mission
  • Equip you to seek and build strong partnerships with key individuals, churches and organizations who can help fund a school, college, or ministry’s mission
  • Encourage and equip you to maintain systematic contact with alumni, to engage them in the life of the school or college and to encourage them to consistently and generously support the school
  • Assist you in building a positive, powerful image of a school, college, ministry in the community
  • Help you create a sound, sustainable financial future for your school, college or ministry through planned giving activities.

Student Recruitment and Retention

Students are the life’s blood of any school or college.  But finding, recruiting and then retaining quality, mission match students requires a well designed, effectively managed strategy.  With years of effective experience the team at TBG can equip you to implement an effective student recruitment/retention strategy that will

  • Help you develop a powerful case for Christian schooling/Christian higher education
  • Discover the best means for connecting your case with your most productive marketplace
  • Help you develop and implement a sound student enrollment strategy so that you can effectively track and predict yearly enrollment
  • Elevate the understanding on your campus that retention is everyone’s responsibility
  • Create effective student retention strategies built around quality research and best practices
  • Generate “raving fans” and better word-of-mouth marketing

Staffing and Staff Development

No one has said it better than Jim Collins.  If you want to lead an organization committed to excellence you must “get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats on the bus.”  In addition you must fully commit to the on-going professional development of every member of your team including yourself.  TBG can help you accomplish that goal through

  • Providing quality mentoring relationships
  • Professional development workshops
  • Head search assistance when necessary
  • Development of tools to assist in finding the right person for open positions at your school, college, or ministry
  • Team building workshops
  • Equipping team leaders to create a “best place to work” environment

Organizational Assessment and Development

Only a healthy school can excel in the academic preparation and spiritual formation of its students.  But even the healthiest schools need periodic checkups to prevent avoidable breakdowns in vital systems; breakdowns that can keep even the best school from fulfilling its mission with excellence.

Why wait until the symptoms of an unnoticed problem becomes apparent?  Do what you do for your own health.  Seek the expertise of a quality “health care” professional.  We can’t help you with your personal health but we can use our experience and expertise to examine your organizational health in key areas such as:

  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Resource Development
  • Student Recruitment and Retention
  • Staffing
  • Leadership Development

We will evaluate your current reality, provide a detailed assessment of that reality, and then help you develop an action plan to address any problem areas.